Meet the Team

Jawad Khursheed

Chief Executive Officer

  • Jawad Khursheed
Waheed - small.jpg
Abdul Waheed

Chief Innovation Officer

  • Abdul Waheed
Pete - small.jpg
Pete Clarke

Chief Operating Officer

  • Pete Clarke
Steve - small.jpg
Steve Clayton

Chief Technical Officer

  • Steve Clayton
Mike - small.jpg
Mike Ward

Chief Financial Officer

  • Mike Ward
David - small.jpg
Dr. David Telford

Head of Sustainability

  • Dr David Telford
Keith New Image_edited.png
Keith Stanton

Head of Production

  • Keith Stanton
Charles - small.jpg
Dr. Charles Stone

Head of IP & Fuel Cells

  • Dr. Charles Stone
MIke Knight.png
Mike Knight

Senior Design Engineer

  • Mike Knight
Ian Collins

Programme Manager

  • Ian Collins
steph new.png
Stephanie Thomson 

Head of Corporate Services

  • Stephanie Thomson
Mark - small.jpg
Mark Arthur

Infrastructure Project Manager

  • Mark Arthur
Janette Green.png
Janette Green

Global Brand & Communications Specialist

  • Janette Green
Kevin Jones B&W.jpg
Kevin Jones

Technical & Quality Manager

  • Kevin Jones
Sahar New.png
Sahar Yahya

Competitive Analyst & Media Lead

  • Sahar Haider
Daniel - small.jpg
Daniel Musenga-Grant

Head Of Sustainability And CSR

  • Daniel Musenga-Grant
Assam Azam.png
Assam Azam

Graphic Designer

  • Assam Azam
Isa Mohammed

Accounts Assistant

  • Isa Mohammed

Advisory Board

Imraan Patel_EG Group.jpg
Imraan Patel

Investment and Legal Advisor

  • Imran Patel
Adam Huckstep

Fuel Cell & Electrical Systems Advisor

  • Adam Huckstep
Michael kelly.png
Michael Kelly

Legal Advisor

  • Michael Kelly
Keith Gibson

Management Advisor

  • Keith Gibson
Robert Van Dijk

Financial Advisor

  • Robert Van Dijk
Ali BW.jpg
Ali Naini

Corporate Finance Adviser

  • Ali Naini